Birthday Parties

Hi and thanks for looking at parties at the National Dinosaur Museum!

Here are some helpful tips and all the information files you will need to create a great party with the Dinosaurs:

Party Brochure

Party Planner

Terms & Conditions

Both the Booking Request and Terms & Conditions pages must be completed and returned to secure your booking.

To book a party, it is best if you go through each step.

Step 1: read the terms and conditions

Step 2: choose your date and time

Step 3: Details of your Dinosaur Party

Step 4: Night Party Options

Step 5: Select any optional extras or upgrades

Step 6: Catering Options

Step 7: Choose a room

Step 1 – Read the Terms and Conditions

Our parties may not be for everyone, so it is a good idea to carefully read our Terms and Conditions before booking a party. They will let you know what we provide and how we provide it – and also let you know what we cannot provide. We require initialling and a signature on all the T&C by one of the Supervising parents.

NOTE: Unfortunately we have had to limit parties to a maximum of 15 children attending.

Step 2 – Now that you have decided that you want to party with the Dinosaurs; choose your date and time

Our places are limited, so give us a ring on (02) 6230 2655 to check the availibity for your chosen day. We run birthday parties on weekends in one of four time slots:

  • 11:00am
  • 1:00pm
  • 3:00pm
  • Dinosaurs at Night*

* If you choose this time you hwill be paying extra for the Dinosaurs at Night Tour which takes place by the light of the Guide's torch and special night lights. (Not recommended for children under 7 years.) If a Dinosaurs @ Night Party is chosen it will commence at 5:00pm for the standard party, and 4:30 if additional activities are selected.

Step 3 – The Dinosaur Party

1 Hour Party that is Recommended for children Age: 5+
Activities: 30 Minute Guided Tour
30 minutes use of a party room for your own self catering.
Small Dinosaur Toy, Balloon & Loot Bag
A card and gift for the birthday child
Entry and guided tour of the National Dinosaur Museum for party children and allocated supervisors

Step 4 – Decide if you are having a Night Party

This oprion is only recommended for children 7ys and over due to the tour taking place in partial darkness. Additional Charges apply with a minimum charge for 10 children.

Step 5 – Add any extra options if you wish to

A full list of optional extras and party upgrades along with their prices per person (with minimum charge for 10 children) and the suggested age recommendations can be found in the Party Brochure.

Step 6 – Catering

Self Catered Parties will usually have the allocated food time after the standard length of the party - i.e. after all the games and tour. The exception to this is the Dinosaurs @ Night party, which has the food first (for a standard Dinosaur Party) or after any activities (if they have been purchased) to allow for the lights to be set for the night tour without inconveniencing other NDM patrons.

Please note that if you have children with serious allergies at the party, you will need to provide your own catering. Our suppliers cannot guarantee that our food is free of traces of nuts, dairy, gluten etc., and so it is safer for you to provide your own food. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what your children are eating, and lessens the risks of life-threatening reactions.

Additional Charges for purchased catering apply with a minimum charge for 10 children.

Step 7 – Choose a Room

You will need to choose either the Dinosaur Room or the Prehistoric Ocean Room for the children to eat in.

Prehistoric Ocean Room

Dinosaur Room

Now that you have made all your choices, return your completed Party Planner and T&C to us by email to, fax it to us on (02) 6230 2357, or bring it with you if you stop by in person. 

For any additional information, please contact us.
Thanks for helping us to help you create a wonderful party experience for your child.

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