Sponsors and Museum Partners

  • Datatrax is one of our longest standing partners and providers of Tourism Touchscreens throughout Australia. They are the sponsors of the "hands on" exhibits in the museum and bring us the NDM's eDinosauria.
  • Gondwana Dreaming offers a wide range of natural and cultural history tours with a strong not exclusive geological theme. You can assist scientists with field work which is great fun, and a great hands on learning opportunity.
  • Kronosaurus Korner in Richmond, Queensland houses some of Australia's best marine fossil specimens including the famous Richmond Pliosaur, and Minmi Paravertebra.
  • Our Dinosaurs at Night Tours are proudly sponsored by Energizer, for all the information you need follow the blue link.
  • We would like to thank New Scientist for helping us promote Science week.


Miscellaneous Links

  • Cable in the Classroom is a great educational resource, with information about dinosaurs and a large number of other topics.
  • Prehistorics Illustrated has a whole range of cool dinosaur pictures by different artists with new art being added all the time!
  • Pixel Shack has some nice 3D art of dinosaurs, as well as a whole lot of other 3D art.

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